20 watt c scooters,


                     Rocket Key     

Specs: Fit most gas scooter that has a Flywheel (motorfan). Improves the performance of the  Flywheel.  Smaller Size Rocket Keys fit the 47cc/49cc mini-pocket bikes better.
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$6 Rockit Key (Large Size, for 33/43/49cc motor)

 $1 (1st class mail)



$6 Rockit Key (Large Size for 33/43/49c Motor)

$5 Priority mail



$5.50 Rockit Key (Small Size, for mini 47cc/49cc motors)  $1 (1st class mail) $6.50


$5.50 Rockit Key (Small Size, mini 47cc/49cc motors) $5 Priority mail $10.50
1 $2 33cc/43cc/49cc woodruff key
33cc/43cc/49cc Woodruff Key
$1.50 $3.50
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The Rockit Key is an off set key that you replace with the key found in your crankshaft. By installing the Rockit Key, it assures you that your timing is exactly advanced 10 degree’s.

Doing the advance timing gives more power to the engine, but doing it perfectly is almost impossible. The off set key assures that the flywheel will stay in place and is advanced at the exact degrees which the off set key is made.

Rockit Key Instructions.

1. Remove Fan cover with Pull starter still attached.

2. While Carefully holding Flywheel, remove the Flywheel retaining nut.

3. Screw the Flywheel removal screw into one of the the M6 Threaded holes in the Flywheel. Tighten until Flywheel Pops off.

4. Remove Bolt From Flywheel.

5. Remove stock key From Crankshaft.

6. Intsall Rockit Key into Crankshaft with the Advancement in a clockwise direction.

7. The Key must be in all the way into the channel in ordr for the Flywheel to be placed back on the crankshaft.

8. Reinstall Flywheel using socket to tighten nut pulling the Flywheel on to the crankshaft.

9. Reinstall Fancover and Pull  Starter.