20 watt c scooters,


     Cat-Eye 49cc Pocket Bike 54 Tooth Performance Sprocket $15

Specs:  The FS509 Cat-Eye 49cc Pocket Bike uses the stock 44 Tooth Sprocket, this bigger 54 tooth sprocket will give you more acceleration and passing speed, if you are looking for top speed, you need a  smaller 36 Tooth Sprocket.
    Unit Price Part Name Shipping Cost Total Shopping Cart    You have to lenghten your chain, so you have to know how to break your chain & re-link it back.  I sell the master links for you to re-link your chain .


$15 Cat-Eye Pocket Bike 54 Tooth Sprocket






$15 Cat-Eye Pocket Bike 54 Tooth Sprocket          $5 $35
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