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  22.5cc/23cc Cylinder & Piston Parts 

Specs  Also fit on old 23cc Goped motor that use 12mm thread spark plug and 2 piston rings.  Goped 23cc G23lh G2D Piston Engines, Big Foot Sport, Liquimatic Zenoah.  New Goped 22.5cc motor uses 1 piston ring and smaller size spark plug.
    Unit Price Part Name Ship Cost Total Shopping Cart            uses 1.5mm thick piston rings.


$48 22.5cc Cylinder Kit
22.5cc/23cc Cylinder Kit (uses 32mm diameter piston, 26mm x 8mm thick wrist pin, uses 12mm thread spark plug located on the side)
 $9 $57 out of stock


      22.5cc cylinder kit

  1 $28 22.5cc piston kit
22.5cc/23cc Piston Kit (32mm diameter, uses 26 x  8mm wrist pin)
$5 $33 out of stock
  1 $6.50 23cc piston ring set
22.5cc/23cc Piston set  (32mm diameter, 1.5mm thick)
$2 $8.50
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