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Note: We can no longer answer any of these type of question "What is wrong with my scooter, or How do I fix me scooter" . It was fine when we get 4 or 5 of these type question a day. But, now, we get 20 to 30 of these type questions per day. 

Question 1: I own a 33cc gas scooter, can I install a 43cc motor on it?

   Answer:  No, the motor mount wont fit the 43cc motor.

Question 2: Is it hard to convert a pull start gas scooter into a electric start  scooter?  I just need to get a Electric Starter, right?

   Answer: Yes, it's too expensive. You'll need a electric starter, Charging Jack, Battery, Gas Charger, Relay, etc.   Electrical start gas scooter are just $30 to $50 more then the regular pull start gas scooter, why spent all the time and money on converting it.

Question 3: If remove my stock muffler and get generic $15 to $20 muffler on ebay, will it make my gas scooter less noisy?

   Answer: Your scooter will still make noise, it will just be 10% to 20% less noisy.

Question 4: My chain keep flying off, what's wrong?

   Answer: Your chain could be too tight or too loose, or the chain is not aligned with the rear sprocket.  Use the Axal Adjuster to made the necessary corrections.

Question 5: I have a hard time starting my engine, what might be wrong?


  • A): Make sure your gas tank has gas and have pumped the carburetor primer bulb (clear plastic bubble under the engine.)

  • B): Make sure your fuel line has no kinks and the line in the gas tank reaches the gasoline.
  • C) Check the spark plug wire for connection.
  • D) Check the fuel/oil ratio. Too much motor oil in the mixture could clot the carburetor.
  • E) Make sure the kill switch is not engaged. Sometimes, the kill switch is bad, so go to the bottom of your scooter and unplug the kill switch wire, then try pull starting the scooter.
  • F) If too many attempts have been made to at starting the engine, there may be excess fuel in the cylinder. So, allow time or remove spark plug to allow fuel to evaporated and then re-connect.
  • H) Pump the priming bulb repeatedly 3-4 times.

Question 5: My scooter idles fast and doesn't run right.

   Answer:  Look where you choke switch is, inside there is a screw that has a spring on it. That screw allows you to adjust the carburetor.  Do a quarter of turn to see if there is improvement.

Questions 6: I adjust the carburetor like you took me, but it still doesn't run right.

  Answer: It's probably the carburetor mounting screws.  The screws have likely loosened and the engine is sucking air beneath the carburetor, thereby running lean/fast.  Take off the air filter and check the screws mounting the carburetor.  You may want to remove the carburetor and the intake manifold completely and inspeckt and clean the gaskets.

Question 7: My motor is locked. I can pull start it, and I try to turn the Motor gear sprocket. It doesn't move, it's like it's lock. What could be the cause.

  Answer:  The motor could frozen or lock up, if someone put pure gasoline in the gas tank, with out mixing 2-cycle motor oil in.  Or a motor screw is loose, causing a part to block the Motor Fan (Flywheel) from turning.

Question 8. Are the Motor gear sprocket and the rear sprocket interchangeable between gas scooter.

Answer No, always. Some gas scooter use the thick chain, so you need a thick motor gear sprocket and thick rar sprocket.  Some gas scooter use a thin chain, so you need a think motor gear sprocket and think rear sprocket.

Question 9: What is the difference from Thick chains and the thin chains? Is one better than the other.

AnswerYes, the Thick chains are better. They are less like to pop off, even if your rear sprocket is not aligned. The Thick chain are also less likely to break.

Question 9: My mini-Harley uses it's own unique Pull starter, where can I find one.

AnswerThere is a work around for this problem, you just need to change the Starter Claw (use the generic starter claw, I sell on my web site), then you can use the generic gas scooter pull starter on your mini-Harley. Does goes for the Ninja (X1) 49cc Pocket bike.

Question 10: What part is that, on your web site's logo?

Answer It's the 33cc stock muffler.

Question 11: The Freewheel on my 49cc Pocket bike keep breaking. What can I do?

Answer. You can weld the freewheel, or buy a Solid freewheel replacement from me. These things never break, the disadvantage with this solid freewheel is that, you can't push your bike backwards, and you can't cruise after you let go of the throttle.

Question 12:  My bearing is 6001z bearing, I brought the same bearing from you, but it doesn't fit.

Answer. When your bearing broke, probably a piece of the bearing is still stuck in your rim, so you can't insert the new bearing.

     Question 1: Can I ride my electric scooter in light rain?

    Answer:  No, it might short out the electric component.

 Question 2: My chain keep flying off, what's wrong?

   Answer: Your chain could be too tight or too loose, or the chain is not aligned with the rear sprocket.  Use the Axal Adjuster to made the necessary corrections.

Question 3: Nothing works on my electric scooter, what's wrong?

   Answer: Check the fuse, to see if it's burnt.

Question 4: My Scooter takes off and it wont STOP!


  • If the the scooter is moving when you turn the key to the "ON" position without turning the throttle, then you need to replace the throttle or the control module (the brain)

  • If the scooter takes off on you without turning the key to "ON", then you need to replace the control module (the brains)

Question 5: How do I know when my scooter is done charging up?

    Answer:  For most chargers, the blinking green light means it's still charging.  When it's just green light, it's done charging.

Question 6: Nothing seems to work on my scooter.

    Answer:  It might be a bad fuse, check the fuse.  For some scooters, the fuse is attached to the Control Module (Control box). It could be the battery, too, but it's rare.

Question 7: Nothing seems to work, even if I plug the charger in the wall socket.

  Answer: It might be a bad ignition switch. If you open the panel under the ignition switch and connect the 2 wire coming from below the ignition switch to each other (this bypass the switch).  If the scooter works, then you either have a bad ignition switch or bad connection going to the ignition switch.

My technical tips to come.

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