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   Parts For This X8  Pocket Bike         | Model #  X8 |   49cc  2-Stroke Pocket Bike

Performance Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid-size bike (w/air filter)$60

49cc Cylinder Rebuilt Kit $55
GSMOON Pull Starter $16

49cc Billet Air Filter  $20

 Ported 49cc Cylinder $58

NGK Spark Plug $5

49cc Piston  $20

33cc/43cc/49cc Velocity Stack w/built in Choke Switch $15

 Brake Cable, Front or Rear $6

49cc Cylinder  $35

33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Style Performance Air Filter Kit w/built in Choke Switch $21 
49cc Motor $176

49cc Carburetor with Gasket (15mm) $24

X1/X2/X8 Bike Electric Starter $50  

X6/X8 Pocket Bike Front Rim $43

Rockit Key $9

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch $15

43cc/49cc Chrome Cone Air Filter $24     
43cc/49cc Carburetor Bolt (pair) $4

49cc Ported Cylinder Kit (2-stroke) $58

X8 Pocket Bike Headlight $18
headlight, dual disc brake, Suspension fork, Muffler.


49cc Ignition Coil  $17

Brake Caliper 14

Wt-603 style carburetor Intake Adaptor for 43/49cc motors   $8

 6001z Bearing (pair) $8

49cc Piston Ring (pair) $8   
Pocket Bike Throttle Cable $9

49cc Engine Case $32

X2 CVT Belt $15

X2 Pocket Bike CVT Gearbox $75

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Pocket Bike Stickers $13

Chain Breaker

X8 Pocket bike Front Blinkers  $4 each, $8 Pair
X6/X8Pocket Bike Tire  $25

X1/X2 Pocket Bike Charge/Key/Fuse Module $19 

X8 Speedometer $20  

X1/X2/X8 Pocket Bike Brake Disc (3-screw hole) $10  

X1/X2 Pocket Bike Speed Controller $20

X1/X2 Pocket Bike Horn/Signal/Headlight Controller $20

Pair of Thick Chain Re-Linkers (for size #35 chain) $4

49cc Modified Carburetor   $32

X1, X2 Suspension (shock)  $14 
X6/X8 Pocket Bike Front Inner Tube   $12
X6/X8  Rear Inner Tube    $14

 145/50-10 Inner Tube $13

43cc/49cc Intake Manifold $10 

Spark Plug $4

X8 Pocket bike Windshield Bracket   $11

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch Drum $10

Charging Component $12

Bling Bling Handle set (Blue) $16

X8   Pocket Bike   $13

 Front Sprocket Clip $2

Crank Shaft Bearing $10

X6/X8 Pocket bike Rear Blinkers  $4 each

Gas Tank Fuel Line $6

X1/X2/X8 Pocket bike Handlebar Clamp $10 each, $19 a set

43cc/49cc Air Intake Assembly $20

Brake Pad set (pair)  $5 

X8 Pocket Bike Rear   Sprocket (uses 8mm chain) $13
X6/X8 Pocket bike Rear Rim $49

43cc/49cc Gasket set $9

33cc/43cc/49cc HP Clutch Spring $5   

Aluminum Mini Fuel Filter (for 2-stroke motors)  $10
49cc Cat-eye/X1/X2/X8 Foot Peg (pair) $20

X8 Pocket Bike Windshield $18

X8 Pocket Bike Front Fairing $39  

Billet Throttle Kit $40
33/43/49cc Clutch bolt set
33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch bolt set  (8mm thread) $

Handle: Wired Left/Right $12 each 

Oil/Gasoline Mixing Bottle $5  

33cc/43cc/49cc Stock Clutch Spring $4 

Racing Grip Handle set $15

Flasher $6

Fuel Cut-Off Valve  $8