20 watt c scooters,


   2-Stroke 50cc 1PE40QMB Crankshaft

Specs:  Total length: 235mm long,   15 Spline,  uses 10mm Waist pin
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2-Stroke 50cc stock 1PE40QMB Crankshaft, uses10mm diamneter Piston pin, total Length: 240mm, 17 spline




1 $16 2-Stroke 50cc 1PE40QMB Crank Bearing (OD 47mm, ID 29mm) $2 $18
1 $109  
Performance 2-Stroke 50cc
1PE40QMB  Crankshaft, uses 10mm thick Piston pin.  Total length 238mm, 72mm diameter circle crank, 17 tooth spline. Rod wrist pin bearing diameter is 14mm (increase up to 65cc)
$10.50 $119.50
1 $70 2-stroke 90cc jop crank shaft
2-stroke Jog 90cc   (258mm total length, uses 10mm diameter Piston pin, 85mm circle crank diameter,  arm 116mm)  Inner Diameter of Piston Pin Hole: 13mm
$10.50 $80.50
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