20  c scooters,

   GY6 250cc Motor parts (CF250)       CFMOTO CF250 250cc  motor parts

 GY6 125cc to 250cc Vacuum Fuel Pump (stock)  $30

 GY6  Fuel  Valve $8

 GY6 250cc Clutch Assembly (CF250)  $120

Znen GY6 250cc CDI (fits only the Znen brand of Mopeds) $28

 GY6 250cc Ignition Coil (CF250) $20

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (Square plug version) $20

 GY6 250cc  (CF250) Stock Spark Plug   $4.50

GY6 250cc  Oil Pump  $20

GY6 Mini Relay (2-pin plug)$8

GY6 250cc Manifold  $12

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (Rounded plug version) $28

 GY6 Solenoid  $14

 GY6 250cc Cylinder Rebuilt Kit  (72mm, fits CF250) $120

 GY6 250cc Complete Variator (CF250)  $

Znen CN250 GY6 250cc 18-Coil Stator (42mm center hole diameter, 53mm diagonal bolt hole spacing) (fits only the Znen brand of Mopeds) $56

 GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Piston Ring set $23

 GY6 250cc Head Kit (CF250)  $130

GY6 250cc Thermostat Assembly  $31

 Znen 250cc Clutch Assembly (for Znen CN250 Brand Motor) $120

 GY6 250cc Water Motor Starter  (CF250) $60

GY6 250cc Piston Rebuilt Kit (72mm Piston, 17mm X 57mm Pin)  $50  

Magneto Housing for 18-Coil Stator (for CF250) $50

 GY6 250cc Timing Chain   (12 inch long) $14

 GY6 250cc Camshaft  $45  

GY6 250cc Rectifier , 2-plug (Water Cooled Motor Moped)  $48

GY6 250cc Gasket set (fit Honda GY6 250cc water cool motor) $20 

 GY6 250cc Crankshaft (295mm total length, CF250) $120

 GY6 250cc Carburetor  $99

 18-Coil Stator (CF250 250cc Water Motor) $56

Jonway 250cc (YY250T ) Moped Parts
 These CF250 Motor parts will fit Tank Touring 250, NST, and Jonway, JMstar, and CFmoto Fashion, V3 V5. Qlink Sapero 250cc motorcycle scooter engines,  and Tank Touring 250DE, Lance Duke 250, Roketa Bali 250, SUNL SL250-2, Jonway Master 250, CF Moto V3 & V5 automatic motorcycle

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GY6 250cc CTV Cover  (for CF 250cc Brand-Total length 18 inch) $109

GY6 250cc Right Crank Case Cover (CF250) $80

GY6 250cc Right Crank Case (for CF-250 Brand Motor) $80

GY6 250cc Left Crank Case  (for CF-250 Brand Motor) $150

Znen 250cc Head Cover (fits only the Znen brand of Mopeds) $40

CF250 250cc Final Drive Shaft  (wheel shaft) $33

Repair Kit for GY6 250cc Carburetor (CF250) $1

GY6 250cc Engine Starter Gear $20

GY6 250cc Gear Box Cover (for CF 250 Brand Motor) $45

  CF250 250cc Thermostat  $12

CF250 Transmission input shaft 250ccCF250 250cc Transmission Input Shaft (clutch shaft) $33

 cf250 muffler connector 250cc
CF250 250cc Muffler Connector $

Znen 250cc Cylinder Kit for Znen Brand Motor $130

 GY6 250cc Water Pump Assembly $30

Znen 250cc  Head With Valve and Camshaft for Znen Brand Motor $125

 CF250 Cam chain tensioner 250cc
CF250 250cc Cam Chain Tensioner $

 GY6 250cc Valve set  (30.5mm diameter Lg valve, 26.5mm Diameter Sm Valve) $20

CF250 25occ Water Temp sensor

CF250 250cc Water Temp Sensor  Tip $10

GY6 250cc Oil Dip Stick $8

GY6 250cc Variator Slides set $5

 CF250 250cc final drive gear
CF250 250cc Final Drive Gear $2

GY6 250cc Muffler Screw Set (7mm) $8

GY6 250cc Cylinder Gasket Set (for CF-250cc) $8

Radiator Temp Sensor for 125cc to 250cc motors (16mm tread) $12

 GY6 250cc Head Bolt (195mm long, set  of 4) $20 
GY6 250cc Rubber Valve Gasket
GY6 250cc Rubber Valve Cover Gasket (CF250) $3

Znen 250cc Magneto Housing for Znen Brand Motor $50

 GY6 250cc Variator Fan (CF250) $19

Znen 250cc Complete Variator for Znen Brand Motor $70

 GY6 250cc Timing Chain Guide set $14  

GY6 Billet Dip Stick (7.8cm) $20


GY6 250cc Ignition Coil (Metal Cap ver. fit Znen, Jonway Motor) $26


4-stroke Carburetor Bowl Gasket $2 each

GY6 250cc CVT Cover Rubber Gasket $12


Znen 250cc Crankshaft for Znen Brand Motor (CN250) $125


Znen 250cc Complete Gasket Set for Znen Brand Motor $20


Znen 250cc Camshaft for Znen Brand Motor $45

Znen 250cc  Bare Head (with out valves) $73


Znen 250cc Piston kit for Znen Brand Motor (72mm Piston, 17mmX57mm Pin) $50

CF 250cc stock air filter for moped
CF250 250cc stock Air Filter $20

cf 250cc oil seal set
Gy6 250cc Oil Seal set $10

 Gates Powerlink  GY6 250cc cvt belt (906-22.5-30) $40

GY6 250cc Starter Clutch Assembly (CF250) $49

Znen 250cc Cylinder Gasket Set for Znen Brand Motor $10

GY6 150cc -250cc Air Canister $20

 GY6 cvt belt (918-22.5-30)  $40

 GY6 250cc short Timing Chain   (6 inch long) $10

 GY6 cvt belt (828-22.5-30) Gates Powerlink  $30  

Gy6 CF250 250cc  35mm Exhaust Gasket $1.50

GY6 250cc Oil Drain Plug (12mm) $4

 CF250 250cc Weight Roller Set $12

 Electric Choke for GY6 250cc Carburetors (3-wire version) $1

 Electric Choke for GY6 250cc Carburetors (2-wire version) $18
gy6 CF250 250cc valve assembly
 GY6 CF250 250cc Valve Assembly
(Big Valve: 30.5mm diameter, 77.5mm length, Small Valve: 26.5mm diameter 77mm length, 5mm thick stem) $30, shipping $2
aust Gasket $2

CF250 250cc Pick-up Coil  (also fit CN250)  $20

CF250  motor NGK  Spark Plug (D8EA) 14mm tread $8
 GY6 250cc Radiator (square version)  $90

 Iridium Performance Spark Plug (CR8HIX) $17
 GY6 250cc Radiator w/Fan, Fan bracket (square version)  $120

GY6 250cc Moped Motor Fan Assembly $59 

TreadLocker (Med Strength, 50 Gram)
 GY6 250cc Coolant Tank  $20
gy6 perfromance ajustable cdi 
GY6 125cc-250cc  Performance  Adjustable CDI  (use D/C current, wont work on A/C current motors) $

flywheel puller

Universal Flywheel Puller (for Moped, ATV, & Dirt bikes) $29 

 4-Stroke Performance Fuel Line (Yellow or Green) $8 

 Socket Tool Set (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm) $190

GY6 50cc-250cc Clutch Tool(39mm/41mm) $24

bearing pull tool kit
Bearing Puller kit $40

 Tire Popper Tool  $38

 4-Stroke Billet Gas Filte  $20

  4-Stroke Fuel Line  $2.50 per Foot 

Universal CNC Mirror set (fits Moped, SuperBikes, ATVs) comes with 3 different tread screw set $59 

Moped Chrome Round Mirror Set (8mm) $28 

4-Stroke 30 Degree Carbon Fiber Paint Air Filter (48mm intake) fits GY6 250cc motor    $16



  Magneto Housing Holder Tool  (11.7cm diameter) $14

Moped Chrome Mirror Set (10mm) $40
Moped Chrome Mirror Set (8mm) $40


 GY6 250cc Radiator (Long style) $80
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