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 Gas motor use the 12v chargers.  Electric scooter use the 24v, 36v, 48v chargers

12V  Chargers

12v, 1.6amp  Gas Motor Charger (round plug) $20, Free ship

12v, 2.5amp Quick Charger w/built in Fan (round plug, 3-prong)  $35, FREE ship

Clip-On 12V 1.5amp Charger $
20,Free ship
18V Charger

18v,1.85 amp Coaxial Plug Charger  (on the plug, inside = negative, outside = positive) $28, shipping $6
out ofstock

18v,1.8 amp Coaxial Plug Charger  (on the plug, inside = Positive, outside = Negative) $28, shipping $6
out of stock
24V Charger

24v,1.8 amp Coaxial Plug Charger   $24, shipping $9
out of stock

  24v, 2.5amp charger (round Plug) $36, free ship
24v, 2.5amp Coaxial plug Charger w/built in Fan     $33, shipping $8

24v, 1.8amp Charger   (XLR Plug version)   $28, shipping $8
out ofstock

24v, 1.8 amp Watt Charger $24 (round plug), shipping $9
36V Charger

36v,1.8 amp Charger (square plug version) $28,
shipping $6

36v, 2.5amp Quick Charger w/built in Fan (round plug, 3-prong)   $36, shipping $8

36v xlr plug charger 2.5amp
36v, 2.5amp Charger   (XLR Plug version) $37 Free ship

36v,1.8 amp  Charger (Round plug version) $24, shipping $6

36v,2.5 amp  Quick Charger w/ built in fan (square plug version) $36,
shipping $8
    48V Charger    

48v 2.5amp Square Plug Charger $38, shipping $9

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3 Pin Inline Plug
5, shipping $2

3 Pin XLR Plug

6, shipping $2

Charging Jack $5, Shipping $2

XLR Charger Port $7, shipping $2

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