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 GY6 Moped CDI

GY6 50cc-150cc Racing Blue CDI  (A/C) $16 Free

GY6 50cc-150cc  Stock CDI  (for 8-coil stator motors, A/C) $10.25

Free ship

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (Rounded plug version D/C) $
, Free ship

GY6 150cc  5-pin  CDI (Rounded plug version D/C) with wires  $
, Free ship 

4-Stroke Purple Racing CDI (for GY6 50cc to 150cc Motor, A/C) rounded plug $
Free ship

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (Square plug version, D/C) $15,
Free ship

Znen GY6 150cc CDI (only fit Znen brand motor, that uses 12-coil stator, D/C)  $20
shipping: $3

Znen GY6 250cc CDI  (only fit Znen brand motors  D/C) $20 shipping $3

gy6 perfromance ajustable cdi

 GY6 125cc-250cc  Performance  Adjustable CDI  (use D/C current, wont work on A/C current motors.) $17 Free ship

 GY6 50cc-150cc  Performance  Adjustable CDI  (use A/C current, wont work on D/C current motors.) $15 Free ship

GY6 Moped Motor Example:

GY6 50cc Motor Parts

GY6 125cc - 150cc Motor Parts

 GY6 250cc Water Cooled Complete Motor parts
2-Stroke 50cc Moped CDI

2-Stroke 50cc
1PE40QMB CDI (2 pin plug, 3 loose wire A,C) $12 fre ship

2-Stroke 50cc jog 1PE40QMB HP CDI (2 pin Plug, 3 loose wire, A/C) $16 Free ship
for 1PE40QMB Motor:

2-stroke 50cc Moped Motor parts 1PE40QMB 

4-Stroke CDI (Vertical Motor)

 Vertical Motor CG 250cc Racing CDI ( Rounded Plug version) $30, shipping $5

4-Stroke Performance CDI (200cc to 250cc Vertical motor (square plug) $
 shipping $5

4-Stroke 125cc to 150cc CG vertical Air Cool motor Stock CDI (AC) $12
, shipping $3

4-Stroke 200cc to 250cc CG vertical Air Cool motor Stock CDI   (AC)$12
shipping $3

4-Stroke 200cc to 250cc CG vertical Water Cool motor Stock CDI  (AC)  $1
2, shipping $3
  Vertical Motor CG 250cc Racing CDI Squared Plug 
Vertical Motor CG 250cc Racing CDI ( Square Plug version) $30, shipping $5
Vertical Motor Example: 
 4-Stroke 125cc to 250cc CG Vertical Motor Parts
4-Stroke CDI (Horizontal Motor)
4-Stroke Racing CDI (50cc to 110cc, 5-pin, A/C) $
16 Free Ship

4-Stroke Stock CDI (90cc to 125cc Horizontal motor, 5-pin, A/C) $1
2, Free ship

4-Stroke 5500 RPM CDI (50cc to 70cc, 5-Pin, A/C)$1
,Free ship 
4-pin cdi
4-Pin CDI (D/C) for horizontal motor $12, Free ship
 Lifan 150cc 8-pin cdi
Lifan 150cc 8-Pin CDI $38, shipping $5
Horizontal Motor Example:
4-Stroke 50cc Horizontal Motor Parts

4-Stroke 70cc to 90cc Horizontal Motor Parts

4-Stroke 100cc to 110cc Horizontal Motor Parts

4-Stroke 125cc to 160cc Horizontal Motor Parts
Loncin Vertical Motor CDI

LX 300 CDI  (6 pin)$38, shipping $5


Linhai 250/260cc, Buyang FS300 CDI (8-pin) $27,Free ship

  Linhai 250cc/260cc Parts(Yamaha Motor Copy)  

JS250  CDI (2-plug, 7 wire) $26, shipping $5

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