20 c ers

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   49cc Motor Parts (motor model #44-5)      
49cc Motor w/electric start N/A

49cc Cylinder (44mm) $35

33cc/43cc/49cc Transmission  $40

 Brake Cable, Front or Rear $6
33cc/43cc/49cc Pull Starter $13

Starter Claw (Pawl)  Bolt $4    

33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Style Chrome Air Filter Kit w/built in choke switch $21

43cc/49cc Cone Air Filter (44mm intake)  $24

33cc/43cc/49cc Velocity Stack w/built in Choke Switch $15

49cc  Carburetor with Gasket $2

Performance Carburetor Kit for 49cc Motors $60

49cc Ignition Coil (1-prong) $17

33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Style Performance Air Filter Kit w/built in choke switch $21

43cc/49cc Crank Shaft $30 

33cc/43cc/49cc Pull Starter Cover $7

43cc/49cc Intake Manifold $10

Crank Shaft Bearing $8

49cc Engine Case $38

49cc Piston $20

49cc 44mm Piston Ring (pair) $8 

10 mm Wrist Pin Bearing for 44mm Piston  $4
49CC 2-Stroke Motor Parts (44mm cylinder, 10mm wrist pin)

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch  (Aluminum ver.) $15

33/43/49cc Spark Plug $4

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch Drum $10

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33cc/43cc/49cc HP Clutch Spring $5 

33cc/43cc/49cc Stock Clutch Spring $4

43cc/49cc Air Intake Assembly $20

10 mm Wrist Pin for 44mm Piston  $4

12v Gas Charger $20

Performance Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid-size bike (w/air filter)$60

49cc Cylinder Rebuilt Kit $55

43cc/49cc Gasket set $9
43cc/49cc Carburetor Bolt (pair) $4

Pair of Thick Chain Re-Linkers (for size #35 chain) $4

33cc/43cc/49cc Starter Claw $6

49cc Pocket Bike Motor Mount $10

 Front Sprocket Clip $2

Rocket Key $9

Drive Sprocket (14 Tooth) for 8mm chain $10

Electric starter Bolt set $8, Electric Starter Spacer

43cc/49cc Transmission bolt set $5

X1, X2 bike Electric Starter $50 

 6200z Bearing (pair) $8

Anodized Aluminum 6mm Screws set (20) for your body Plastic panels $12

Wt-603 style carburetor Intake Adaptor for 43/49cc motors   $8
FOX Knee/Elbow Pad set  (Version 2) $32 

Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid size bike $54  

NSK High speed 6200zz Bearing $7.50 each

Kill Switch $8

49cc Piston Kit  44mm (mid bike) $26

Battery Strap (5 Inch Long)  $3  

43cc/49cc Intake Manifold (Plastic) $10

12v, 2.6amp Quick Charger w/built in Fan (round plug, 3-prong)  $36
 33cc/43cc/49cc woodruff key
33cc/43cc/49cc Woodruff Key $

43cc/49cc Air Intake Plate $10

Aluminum Mini Fuel Filter (for 2-stroke motors)  $10
33cc/43cc/49cc motor mount
Motor Mount/Bracket $2
33/43/49cc Clutch bolt set
33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch bolt set  (8mm thread) $

Solenoid  ver #1 $12
33/43/49cc electric starter for stand up gas scooter
33cc/43cc/49cc Electric Starter  (2-stroke) $

33cc - 49cc High Flow Foam Air Filter w/Choke  V-stack $21

Drive Sprocket (17 Tooth) for 8mm chain  $10
23cc-29cc high flow foam air filter
23cc-49cc High Flow Foam Air filter (31mm bolt spacing) $1

Solenoid  ver #2 $12
44mm intake blue shield air filter
Blue Shield air filer (44mm diameter  intake) $1

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch (steel ver.)   $15
49cc/49cc Engine Case (uses the 1-prong Ignition coil (2.5 in bolt spacing) $38 
43cc/49cc peformance muffler
43cc/49cc Performance Muffler   (fits stand-up scooters) $