39cc Air Cooled Motor Parts (2-stroke)       39CC Air Cooled Motor shares the same parts as the 39cc water cooled motor, except for the Cylinder, cylinder top, ignition coil, gasket set, crankshaft.

39cc air cooled motor Ignition Coil $35

39cc Air Cool Cylinder Top $43  
39cc air cooled pocket bike gasket set
MTA4 39cc Water Cooled Motor Gasket set $

MT-A4 7 Tooth Drive Sprocket (treaded) $8

 MT-A4 Bike 90 Degree Air Filter Kit $30

MT-A4 6 Tooth Drive Sprocket (non treaded version) $8

MT-A4/C-1 Carbon Fiber Reed $24

 Heavy Duty Kill Switch for Mini-Pocket bikes  $8
47cc Pocket bike 6000-2RS Bearing (pair)  $10

39cc Water Cool Bike Carburetor $

MT-A4 6 Tooth Drive Sprocket (treaded) $8   

39cc Air Cool Cylinder Head $75

MT-A4 Intake Manifold $14

Pair of Thin Chain Re-linkers (size #25 Master Links) $4

NGK Racing Spark Plug (B9EGV) $9.75
MT-A4 Pull Starter $15 

MT-A4 Stock Air Filter $18

MT-A4 Pocket Bike Clutch $30

MT-A4 Coolant Pump Belt $15  

MT-A4 Reed Block $18 

MT-A4 8 Tooth Drive Sprocket (non treaded version) $8

MT-A4 Gearbox $40

MT-A4 Clutch Drum (for non-treaded pinions) $15
bearing pull tool kit
Bearing Puller kit $40


 39cc air cooled motor

39cc Air cooled motor Crank Shaft $4

 MTA4 Pocket bike Carburetor Inlet Float Needle $4 each

MT-A4 7 Tooth Drive Sprocket (non treaded version) $8

MT-A4 Stock Chain $15

MT-A4 Water Cooled Pocket Bike Carburetor Jet Pack $
MT-A4 Clutch Drum (treaded pinions) $20

MT-A4 Water Pump Bearing $8 (Pair)

MT-A4 Piston $20

MT-A4 Piston Rings (Pair) $12

MT-A4 Pull Starter Assembly $38

MT-A4 Flywheel $25

MT-A4 Spark Plug $4

MT-A4 Wrist Pin $4

MT-A4 Crank Seal  $3 each, $6 set

MT-A4 Wrist Pin Bearing $4



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