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     97cc 2.8 HP Motor Parts . More parts coming soon.     Parts for the Baja Doodle Bug (DB30), Baja Blitz (DB30-BL), Baja Dirt Bug (DB30Y - Yellow), & Baja Racer (DB30-G - Green).   All Color model spare same parts.
2.8hp 97cc pull starter
2.8 HP  97cc Pull starter $
97cc 2.8 hp clutch
  97cc  2.8HP Clutch (with #35 11 tooth sprocket, with 5/8 in shaft hole) $45
 2.8 hp 97cc carburetor
  97cc  2.8HP Carburetor  w/gasket $

4-Stroke  Metal
Throttle Housing

Right Pull Arm Caliper $16
baja doodle bug throttle cable
Baja Doodle Bug 53.5 in Throttle cable (sleeve 48.5 in) $15

flywheel puller

Universal Flywheel Puller (for Moped, ATV, & Dirt bikes) $29

bearing pull tool kit
Bearing Puller kit $40

36inch #35 Chain With Master Link (not connected) $15

 4-stroke Grip Handle set (40mm version) $16

Master Link for #35 Chain (use on most Go-Kart) $3

manual kill switch

Manual Kill Switch $8

2.8 hp 97cc air filter
2.8 HP  97cc  Air Filter Assembly  $20
2.8 hp 97cc gasket set
2.8 HP  97cc gasket set  $16
2.8 hp 97cc foam filter 
2.8 HP  97cc  Foam Air Filter    $
2.8 hp 97cc muffler
2.8 HP  97cc 
Muffler $25
97cc 2.8hp spark plug
2.8 HP  97cc 
Spark Plug $4

2.8 HP  97cc 
Connecting Rod Assenbly (crank rod)  $12
2.8hp 97cc ignition coil
2.8 HP 97cc Ignition Coil (56 mm bolt spacing) $29
97cc 2.8 hp crankshaft
2.8 HP  97cc 
Crankshaft $44
97cc cylinder & head kit
2.8 HP  97cc 
Cylinder/Head Kit  (52mm) $79
Engine Type: Single cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke, Bore: 52 mm,   Stroke: 46 mm  
         No mixing of gas and oil needed.     Top Speed: 15 mp  
   Spark Plug: Autolite-258, AC-CS49, Champion-CJ14, NGK-BPMR6A, Denso-W14M-US 
Manual,      Dimensions (L X W X H (inches)): 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 13-1/4

    97cc 2.8hp motor parts


ATV 145/70-6 Front Tire
(Off Road Tire, diamond tread style) $30
baja doodle brake lever set
Baja Doodle Bug Left Brake Handle Set $10
97cc 2.8 HP gas tank
2.8 HP  97cc
Gas Tank $40
2.8 hp 97cc crank bearing set
2.8 HP  97cc  Crank Bearing set $11
97cc 2.8hp valve assembly
2.8 HP  97cc
 Valve Assembly $21
97cc 2.8 HP piston with rings
2.8 HP  97cc  Piston w/Rings (52mm) $30
97cc 2.8 hp carburetor gasket set
2.8 HP  97cc 
Carburetor Gasket set $2
97cc 2.8 hp piston rings
2.8 HP  97cc
Piston  Rings set (52mm)  $14
97cc 2.8 HP flywheel
2.8 HP  97cc 
Flywheel (140mm) $30
97cc 2.8 HP doodlebug gas tank
2.8 HP  97cc 
Gas Cap $6.50

97cc 2.8 HP Crank seal set $4

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