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   22.5cc  2-stroke Motor Parts ( motor model #32)     Product info:  22.5cc engine used on stand-up scooters such as Tornado 22, Mosquito DX 24, Mosquito DX 26, Goped Liquimatic, Zooma 22cc found in Kragen Shucks and Checkers auto parts stores.  This 22.5cc motor use a 32mm diameter Piston.
Pull Starter (Large version) $18
Pull Starter (small version) $18

22.5cc/23cc/26cc Clutch $12

 22cc to 26cc Starter Pawl Cup (version 1) $7
22.5cc piston kit
Piston Kit (32mm) 26mm x 8mm pin, 1.5mm thick rings $28

 22cc to 26cc Starter Pawl Cup (version 2) $7
22.5cc Carburetor for stand up gas scooter
22.5cc Carburetor (9mm)  $2

22.5cc Cylinder Kit22.5cc Cylinder Kit (32mm) uses 10mm  thread spark plug $48

  23cc-26cc performance clutch
22.5cc/23cc/26cc Performance Clutch  $16

23cc -26cc Air filter (with choke choke) $16
23cc-26cc 8000rpm clutch spring
22.5cc/23cc/26cc Performance Clutch Spring (8000RPM) $5.50
2-Stroke 23cc Scooters & RC NGK Spark Plug BPMR7A
2-Stroke 23cc Scooters & RC  NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug $5
23cc-29cc high flow foam air filter
23cc-49cc High Flow Foam Air filter (31mm bolt spacing) $1
These Parts fit Old style Goped 22.5cc motor that use 2 piston rings & 10mm thread spark plug.  Newer Goped 22.5cc motor uses 1 piston rings.
22.5cc 2-stroke gas motor
22.5cc manifold
22.5cc /23cc Manifold $8
22.5cc ignition coil
22.5cc/26cc Ignition Coil (35mm bolt hole spacing) $20
22.5cc crankshaft gas scooter
22.5cc-26cc  Crankshaft (uses 8mm diameter wrist pin) $32
22.5cc crank seal set
22.5cc  - 26cc Crank Seal set $4
33/43/49cc Clutch bolt set
22.5cc - 26cc Clutch bolt set $3
22cc muffler
22.5cc Muffler $
22.5cc gasket set
22.5cc Gasket  set $8

22.5cc - 26cc Crank Crank Bearing set $8
23cc piston ring set
22.5cc/23cc Piston set  (32mm diameter, 1.5mm thick) $6.50

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